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E-commerce giant Amazon has developed several iterations of its Echo devices that connect to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service. Alexa can be used to streamline day-to-day tasks like making shopping lists, setting an alarm, or updating you on the weather and traffic. Now, she (for the system has a female voice) can even help men get dressed.


Amazon partnered with Perry Ellis International Inc. to develop a feature that can provide style advice for male shoppers. The clothing brand, when prompted via Alexa, will send recommendations to customers’ email accounts. To maximize accessibility, a picture of the clothing and a link to where to shop will be included.


According to a survey from the brand, more than 80 percent of men don’t know what to wear in different situations. By integrating with Amazon and Alexa, Perry Ellis hopes to improve that number.


Hopefully, Alexa knows that any good outfit isn’t complete without a kick-ass pair of men's socks!




Foxnews.com published a piece “How men’s socks changed along with the menswear revolution,” where Matt Fox, the owner of Fine and Dandy-Accessories for Dapper Guys in New York City, gives a brief history lesson about the evolution of men’s socks in a video.


According to Fox, it wasn’t until the 1930s that men’s socks began to look like what they do today due to the incorporation of nylon. After that, men started to embrace novelty socks as a fashion statement.


The menswear revolution Fox speaks about occurred within the last decade, with the rise in men’s fashion blogs. Because of the attention being paid to menswear, more creative dressing arose — creating a bigger market for men’s accessories such as socks.


“Socks are fun,” Fox said in the video. “Socks are a fun way to kinda add a little bit of personality to an outfit. You can have a basic, you know, navy suit but a fun pair of socks, and that just adds a little bit of fun to it.”


At prince + pete, we couldn’t agree more with Fox on men's socks!




A new, or rather revamped, men’s wear brand to watch is a collaboration between soccer star David Beckham and experienced creative director Daniel Kearns called Kent & Curwen. The 91-year-old British sportswear label now focuses on bringing a modern edge to heritage styles. In the UK, the name is more familiar as Kearns claims that it invented classic pieces like the cricket sweater, rugby shirt and regatta stripes.


Beckham, who is part-owner of Kent & Curwen, will be the face of the campaign (for the first few seasons at least), bringing his edgier appeal to the once-preppy brand. The key to its success will be tapping into those heritage designs through a fresh lens.


Like prince + pete's take on cool socks for men, Kent & Curwen is on the move to prove that men’s wear labels can reinvent the classics to become a new force in men’s fashion.


Kent & Curwen is now available in the US, exclusively at Saks 5th Avenue.