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Donna Pappalardo wanted to revolutionize the way men wear socks. She saw an opportunity in men's accessories, so she combined her three passions: fashion, motherhood, and socks. Yeah, you read that right. Like most people, she wanted to make the world a better place. Realizing that men’s socks alone would never bring about world peace, she did think that they could make for peaceful mornings, simply by starting every day off on the right (or left) foot. Understanding that for this idea to take off, an innovative concept had to be created. It needed to be incredibly soft, comfortable, and naturally eco-friendly (yay, Earth!). This coupled with an interesting twist of mismatched styles of men’s socks that coordinated perfectly with each other. The vision was to make the world of men's socks a little more engaging and life a little bit easier in the mornings. And so prince + pete was given feet and now we are off and running!