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The socks offer true luxury for your millionaire’s feet, crafted in bamboo so they are moisture-wicking and eco-friendly. And why should men have all the fun? These socks are unisex, as the company says, “prince + pete loves all feet.” 

Socks Review

Not only are prince + pete socks comfortable, being made with soft bamboo fiber yarns that will be a treat for your feet, but they are very functional in a wardrobe, so we took a pair out for a spin, and loved them! 

The Next Gentleman

What I like about them is that they include extra padding along the arch of your foot to better support you during those long days on your feet. I like to pair these back with any type of shoe at all — a sneaker, a dress shoe, but I love the padding they give me inside my boots. I hate wearing thin socks inside boots, and my Prince + Pete socks give me the same kind of cushion that my athletic socks do.

Menswear Style: 

This unique brand has solved Single Sock Syndrome in a fun and fashionable way. Never again will guys have to search for that one lost sock.

Made Man: 

In a world inundated with conglomerates churning out mass-produced fast fashion, seldom do we tout the sartorial geniuses behind brands anymore. The designers we do respect for breeding originality—for positioning themselves as audacious aberrations to the norm, as revolutionaries—are few and far between.

Michael 84: 

I think that this is a really good unique idea, with some great sock colours and patterns available.

Unfinished Man: 

I was relieved to discover prince + pete. Their founders understand men’s pain when it comes to socks. That’s why they created a selection of socks that are not only comfortable and colorful; they’re also “perfectly mismatched” and coordinate no matter which two you grab.

Scrubs Magazine: 

They offer color collections with uniquely curated, coordinating designs, which allow you to wear any combination of socks from the collection to ensure a cohesive look. The socks are comfortable, which make them great for nurses.

Sweet Deals for Moms: 

Incredibly soft, comfortable, and naturally eco-friendly socks.

Kelly's Thoughts on Things: 

Their socks are “amazeballs,” as my eldest says. First of all, they’re super soft. Secondly, they’re made of moisture wicking bamboo to keep feet from being soggy. Thirdly, they have arch support and extra cushioning in the sole. Last, but not at all least, the designs are fantastic!