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The S-Club And Starter Pack from prince + pete

Save Your Sanity

What’s more maddening than trying to find that one lost sock to match your other socks? Few are things, really, especially when you’re rushing to find that sock as you're also dangling your breakfast from your mouth, your keys in one hand, and your coffee in the other. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pull off your look with two perfectly mismatched socks? With prince + pete, you totally can! No matter which colorway you choose from, you can rest assured that your matching pairs will work wonderfully with your one perfectly mismatched sock.

But, what if there were a way to ensure your socks never got lonely again? What if new socks just magically appeared in the mail once a month? Let this dream become your reality; prince + pete’s S-Club has you covered from toe to toe. Featuring a brand new pair of socks plus one mismatched sock each month, the S-Club from prince + pete brings you the best in men’s socks. Perfect for either yourself or a fellow sock-losing male friend or family member, the S-Club won’t let you down when you’re running low on energy to find your socks.

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How the S-Club Works

The S-Club is pretty straight-forward; once a month, you (or whomever you chose to receive our cool socks for men) will receive one pair of perfectly matched socks, plus one additional straggler. But this straggler is crucial to maintaining your sock sanity; each stray sock fills the void when one of your other socks in the same colorway inevitably goes missing. And, after three months of sock deliveries, we’ll change up the colorway selection to give you a new array of colors in your sock collection.

Start Your New Sock Collection Off on the Right (Or Left) foot

We’ve all been there, the day when our last hole-less sock joins the rest of the holiest of holy socks. It’s always a sad sight, but one all guys know is inevitable. And, when this day comes, you probably aren’t in the mood to run right out and buy more socks. So, you do the next best thing and reach for your laptop or phone to peruse the latest in men’s socks. Luckily, you find prince + pete before succumbing to other men’s socks companies out there. And for dudes on the move, the prince + pete starter pack is perfect for getting five pairs of socks sent your way without any additional effort. Now, once one sock goes missing, you can easily mix and match with the rest of the socks in the colorway.

Never Go Sockless Again

Between prince + pete’s start pack and S-Club offerings, you won’t ever have to worry about searching for matching socks again. And, whether you choose from the Bleeker Colorway Collection or the Mercer Colorway Collection, or from one of our other colorways, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the freshest socks available. Have questions for prince + pete? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

The prince + pete Holiday Pack

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Can you believe 2017 is nearing its end? Like, when did this year start whizzing by? One minute we’re planning summer vacations, the next we’re making holiday shopping lists and getting cards from relatives we weren’t sure was still alive. But these cards aren’t the only surprise to be hitting mailboxes; prince + pete has gotten in on the holiday mail order frenzy. And that’s why we’re proud to introduce our first annual holiday pack of men’s socks.

In typical prince + pete fashion, our holiday pack is a mix of fun, style, and mismatched perfection. Just like when you choose from one of prince + pete’s numerous colorways and men’s socks collections, you’ll receive perfect pairs of matching socks plus a stray. The latter sock, while arriving without a mate, is perfectly curated to be worn with any of the other socks in your holiday pack. That’s what makes our colorways so unique; not only can two matching socks be worn together (for obvious reasons), but each can be mixed and matched. Who needs some new socks in their life? Probably more guys than you’d think.

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The College Kid

If you’re like a lot of families out there, you’ve got a brother, son, cousin, estranged relative, or aloof friend-of-the-family that you know is out there with some less-than-ideal socks on their feet. The point is, guys in college are notorious for losing socks. Think about it: there’s a lot of time for socks to go missing in between their (hopefully) weekly trip to the laundromat or campus washroom. All of this time means ample opportunity for socks to lose their way. Give the college male in your life the gift that keeps them from calling up the parents two weeks into the spring semester, asking for sock and underwear money.

Prince + pete + Pop

You know what’s less funny than dad jokes? The laughing stock that is your dad’s socks. We get that no two generations usually share the same style, but it’s time for Dad to ditch those plain, white socks for something that distracts from his receding hairline. While our socks may not completely deter wandering eyes from checking out Dad’s new combover, they can do a lot to give Dad’s style the added oomph it needs. Dad more of a classics kind of guy? Then the Worth Colorway is for him. Or, maybe your dad is on the boisterous side and needs some socks to match his personality. In that case, our Ludlow Colorway should be right up his alley.

Pack Some Style into the Holidays

No matter which colorway you select from prince + pete, you can rest assured that between our matching pairs and our loner men’s socks, your feet will never have looked or felt so good. And, knowing that we all have those one or two guys in our lives that can be difficult to buy for, you can be sure that our holiday pack will light up their smiles like a short-circuiting Christmas tree. Have questions about our holiday pack? Don’t hesitate to reach out to prince + pete today.