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This is Not Your Fathers Dress Sock

Back in the day, men's dress socks were known as hosiery. They were knee high and thin. Well not anymore.....

Today, prince + pete has developed a new breed of men's dress socks. They are a bit thicker than you might expect, with padding along the entire bottom of the sole, because let's face it, we are all trying to stand more and sit less. There is extra support around the arch of the foot. Plus, we believe that circulation to your legs is just as important to a dress sock as it is in your performance sock, which is why our socks are form fitting and snug without being tight. But our favorite features is they are made from bamboo, which makes them SUPER soft, moisture wicking and eco-friendly. So your feet never get hot and sweaty, and at the end of the day not only do your feet smell and feel great, you can take heart in knowing that you haven't left your footprint on our planet (pun intended)! 

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